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Golden Choice

The Golden Globes were on last night, my absolute favorite awards show. Tina and Amy aside (I mean, how wonderful were they?), the fashions are more creative than other shows, people are relaxed (with good reason) and both TV and film are represented, which makes for a more substantive batch of awards and far less… Continue reading Golden Choice

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And Now for Something Completely Different

‘Tis the season for warmth and cheer For friends and family, far and near. Traditions abound, some with a twist Sugar plums dance, and the kids make lists. For some there is change Stirring beneath the snow. For some there is travel So it’s time to go! Stay tuned in the near term For I’ll… Continue reading And Now for Something Completely Different

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I cut the cable – and I like it

I’ve debated this move for months and months, eliminating my cable bundle and going completely mobile. This week, I did – and to be honest, I wish I’d done so sooner. My biggest concern, of course, was the quality of the experience – would the video render well? Would my pages load in good time?… Continue reading I cut the cable – and I like it

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Remembering Owego 20 (???) Years Later …

Twenty years ago this month, I started my first full-time, post-college, professional newspaper job in Binghamton, NY. I still remember getting the call with the offer, standing in my parents’ foyer talking on the kitchen phone, which was a dial-up wallphone with an extended cord. I had moved out of my rental house in Syracuse,… Continue reading Remembering Owego 20 (???) Years Later …

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Happy new year!

Welcome 2013! Food, family and – of course – MUMMERS! Here’s the menu: Breakfast today: Scrambled eggs – with snow peans, radishes, onions, cheese, spinach and basil topped with parsley –  fried potatoes, rolls, strawberries, oranges and ham. Whew! Dinner later: the traditional pork, sauerkraut and apple sauce for luck. Dark meat for me. Happy… Continue reading Happy new year!