That Darn Hulu

New and regular favorites:

* Kevin Pollack’s Chat Show. Set aside two hours and just take it in. THIS is doubtless the right way to interview … he listens and converses and researches and does the social media thing. And it is not scripted. If you’re tired of your typical talk show, here you go.

* In the Thick of It. British comedy / drama about government. Hulu original. Cutting and hilarious. I don’t get every ref but I get enough.

* Absolutely Fabulous / Coupling. Classics. Jennifer Saunders does no wrong. Even the Friends turn back in the day. So cool and on the short list of people I would like to meet. And as for Coupling, much as I loved Friends, it was sometimes a little tied up in a bow for me. The Brits don’t worry about such matters. Coupling was Friends’ boozy older sibling – seen it, been there, done it.

* Anything with Chris Messina. You’ll recognize him from The Mindy Project but he is also in The Newsroom and a bunch of indy films that are excellent. Watch 28 Hotel Rooms, Monogamy, Fairhaven and all the Mindy reruns you can stomach. Relive the kiss …. because you know you want to.

* Family Ties reruns. Keatons always and forever.

That’s it for now. Happy Valentine’s Day and if you’re like me in the snow belt of the moment, watch where you’re walking and be safe.

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