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Golden Choice

The Golden Globes were on last night, my absolute favorite awards show. Tina and Amy aside (I mean, how wonderful were they?), the fashions are more creative than other shows, people are relaxed (with good reason) and both TV and film are represented, which makes for a more substantive batch of awards and far less pomp and circumstance – basically a two for one deal that makes for an interesting mix of people.

The challenge for me: How to watch the show without cable in my home.

Turns out, not such a challenge. A Twitter handle from the UK purporting to be affiliated with Jennifer Lawrence (I won’t post it here because I haven’t verified anything) posted to the Golden Globes hash tag a link to the Canadian TV (CTV) stream of the broadcast. Worked perfectly. Clean stream, full broadcast, no hiccups or weird ads popping up.

So, bottom line: I really don’t miss cable. Sure, I see my favorite shows a day or two after they air in the U.S. (e.g. Downton, Revenge, Scandal, etc.) but who cares? With DVRs in the world, a lot of people are doing that already.

From a discovery standpoint, I’ve had a great time watching old favorites, discovering unique content in Hulu and Netflix through free trials (I’m partial to Hulu at this point, but that could change … they keep promoting these British shows called Rev – about a church – and Whites – about chefs – and both look FANTASTIC). Hulu seems to be becoming what HBO was back in 2000ish – only on the VIEWERS’ terms – and it’s pretty great.

I thought live broadcast content – particularly news – might be an issue, but it hasn’t been. The local stations all have apps so the 5 p.m., etc., broadcasts are easy enough to get (assuming you want to hear a lot about robberies, traffic snarls and way too much weather, but I digress). As for cable news networks, it hasn’t been hard to find workarounds though even they have not been top of mind. There are so many breaking news sources now – most of which I get on Twitter – that I have not felt at all deprived. (In fact, the noise level is considerably lower and that, I have to say, has not been a bad thing.)

So there you have it. The experiment continues, but honestly it’s becoming a lifestyle – and I like it a lot.

Now, as for the Globes – my picks:

Best Dressed

  • Toss-up between Kerry Washington and Emma Thompson. Everyone’s talking about Kerry and her baby bump, but Emma was not only hilarious in her presentation with the shoes and the drink but her dress and hair were stunning.

Worst Dressed

  • Drew Barrymore. Congrats on the baby, but to paraphrase one Tweeter, she looked a bit like something you’d find in a pastry shop.

Thing I Now Know I Need to See:

  • 12 Years a Slave. I expected it to be American Hustle’s year.

Best Tina / Amy Moments

  • The bit with Kevin Bacon and Kyra Sedgewick when Amy dressed up as Tina’s oldest sullen son. HILARIOUS.
  • Julia and the hot dog.
  • The intro to Leo DeCaprio presenting.

Best Moments Overall

  • Amy making out with Bono after her name was announced.
  • Emma Thompson coming on stage to present carrying her shoes and a drink. She’s hilarious.
  • Cate Blanchett’s acceptance speech. She always looks so demure but when you hear her speak she has a HUGE personality and is really funny. I heard an interview with her on NPR the other day that was the same way. (Her American accents in her movies, too, are always spot-on.)

That is all. Enjoy the day!

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