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Costco, Carts and Cars

Good morning.

It’s early and the traffic is picking up outside, people going back to work for real, not just to share stories of unwrapping and eating too much but to actually work.

Others, however, will spend today the same way I spent yesterday – at Costco with the retirees, their full carts and many, many cars.

What a trip. Mom and Dad finally got new phones. (I’m sure the Verizon folks manning the desk got a kick out of Mom’s c. 1983 flip phone.) And I learned that, though the apparel sections within the store are its largest, fitting rooms don’t exist – unless you buy the item, try it on in the rest room and return it straight away if it doesn’t fit.


Unlike previous visits – usually after church on Sundays – the sample selection left much to be desired, as well. The post-shopping hot dog and diet Coke made it worth it, though.

Coming later: The Technology Learning Curve.

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