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A New Day … and My Non-Resolutions

Mom had her last radiation treatment yesterday and got a clean bill of health. The day was filled with celebration for her – a visit with her mom, time with family and a fantastic Italian dinner with nice red wine to cap it off.

Fortunately, she fared far better at the doctors than I did on the running path.

The holidays along with cold weather and a lot of travel have conspired against me (naturally, it could NEVER be my fault!) but I’ll be back on the horse Jan. 2. I’m planning a cleanse.


I’ve said before in this space that I don’t believe in New Year’s Resolutions. Truth is Jan. 1 is no different than Dec. 31 (unless you’re from Philadelphia in which case one day is Mummer Day and the other is not, but I digress).

So, with that, my list of non-resolutions for the year 2013:

1. I will not eat liver.

2. I will not speak to a single one of my neighbors.

3. I will not leave the milk out overnight. Since I don’t drink it, this will be easy.

4. I will not change my own tires.

5. I will not change to a pay-as-you-go mobile provider.

6. I will not color my hair purple.

7. I will not root for the Mets.

8. I will not wear 4-inch heels.

9. I will not smoke anything – legal or illegal. Since I don’t smoke, this will also be easy.

And finally …

10. I will not wear white before Labor Day, even though I believe it socially acceptable to do so.

HAPPY NEW YEAR, ALL! Be safe out there!

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