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Top 10 Things to Do When the Power Goes Out, the Smartphone is Dead and You Have No Connectivity

In honor of #Hurricane #Sandy:

10. Dig out the book about the pioneers you have stashed in your non-fiction rack. Remind yourself that they survived on a TRS 80 and Pong.

9. Fold the laundry you did last night in anticipation of losing power. Use the static sparks to light your way to the correct drawer.

8. See how many radio stations from other states you can receive at  night – on the AM band. (If you have to ask what that is, nevermind.)

7. Prac Spkng in 140 chars or less. (Hashtag)Sandy

6. Dig out the CD set of French lessons you’ve had for six years but haven’t actually practiced. Use a rotary phone to book a trip to Nice.

5. Make sock puppets and perform a dramatic reinactment of the Facebook IPO. (Hoodie optional.)

4. After the third hour, find the meditation CD your aunt gave you for your birthday. Listen to it. Give up after five minutes.

3. Play solitaire. With actual cards.

2. Eat. Drink. Try not to twitch.

1. Turn this into a dry run for New Year’s Eve. Fill out invitations on parchment with a quill and ink by candlelight. Sign them “Sandy” and  let your guests wonder.


UPDATE (10/30/12): It occurs to me that those in this situation will not necessarily be able to read this right now. Hmm.

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